PT 600.1 Automatische Pipettieranlage D&T Engineering GmbH

Automatic pipetting systems

We automate your sample transfer processing.

Removing, scanning, opening, pipetting, closing and sorting sample tubes. Everything fully automatic and contamination-free.

Every step is completely traceable and secure.

PT 600.1

PT 300

Model comparison and details

      PT 600.1             PT 300

 740                                       400

   3                                           2 

   2                                           1

 600                                      300

Screw cap & plug cap

Closure types

Samples per hour

Pipettes (number)

Robots (number)

Weight (kg)

2070x1020x2000cm         1450x790x1920cm

External dimensions (LxWxH)

Eppendorf Research plus & F1-ClipTip manual

Pipette models compatible

Eppendorf and ClipTip 200µL 1000µL 1200µL

Pipette tips compatible

Pipettable amount

Additional options

40µL - 650µL

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