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Automatic strap detection

System to recognize the tensioning straps, used to ensure the secure transportation, around KLT bundle stacks.


To ensure the safe transport on trucks, KLT bundles, consisting of a steel pallet, KLT (small load carrier) containers and a lid, are lashed with straps. In order to be able to automatically remove the strapping, consisting of 1 to 4 straps, it is necessary to identify the exact position of the safety bands on the KLT bundle. By using different cameras, we can reliably and precisely detect the position of the straps on both, large (type 114003) and small pallets (type 111444). Even different stacking heights of the KLT containers are no problem thanks to our automatic height detection and the movable camera unit.


In a subsequent station, the strapping can then be removed automatically with the help of a robot, the lid can be lifted off and stacked according to type.



Are you interested in our automatic strap detection or do you need further information? Do not hesitate to contact us!



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