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Pick-to-light Systems

Our pick-to-light shelves are the optimal solution for your picking processes and provision of goods. Thanks to the wide range of system variants and several combination options, we offer you the perfect rack for every area of ​​application.


All systems support the worker in his task and guide him to the correct removal compartments.

Depending on the variant, light signals indicate out of which compartment the next parts must be taken from. By pressing the illuminated buttons, the removed part is booked in the system or light grids automatically detect the operators access into the system.

If the worker reaches into the wrong compartment, this can also be indicated by an optical or acoustic signal. The required number of items to be removed can be communicated to the operator via displays as well.

In addition, empty compartments can be detected and signaled or automatically reordered with the help of sensors.


We plan and manufacture our shelves according to customer requirements. Therefore, we can of course adapt the size of each shelf, as well as the amount and dimensions of the individual compartments, to your individual requirements.

The evaluation of the data and the connection to your IT system is of course also possible. Contact us!


  Automation | AGV | Robot applications

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