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KLT-Mobil | small load carrier

KLT-Mobil is the development of a mobile, fully automatic order picking device.

In the first version an already filled rack (delivery by a tugger train) is transfered into the KLT-Mobil. This version is used if long distances need to be overcome between the extern automatic filling and the transfer points at the montage. 

In the second version the KLT-Mobil is directly provided with containers by the automatic filling station. This version is selected if the automatic filling is stationed close to the transfer points at the montage. 

KLT-Mobil conveys the small load carriers (KLTs) autonomously to the assembly workplace and transfers these into the Kanban-small parts storage. In the course of this process KLT-Mobil is also taking over the empty KLTs for the return transportation. 

KLT-Mobil is characterized by:

  • a transfer system with autonomic detection of output- and deposit positions, which enables the positioning of the KLTs for a collision free transfer

  • a KLT management system that monitors the pick up and delivery of KLTs, puts aside wrong KLTs, resorts KLTs due to disposition changes during the delivery process and transfers KLTs to other KLT-Mobils, AGVs or interim storage facilities in order to optimise their route

  • the independent pick up of empty containers (as well as containers with remainders)

  • flexible transport capacity of 16 - 64 KLTs with different dimensions and materials (plastic, polystyrene, cardboard)

  • maximum container weight 15 kg (optional 25 kg possible)

  • secure and controlled transportation of the KLTs

  • the possibility of customer-specific design 

KLT-Frame delivery from tugger train to KLT-Mobil.

Interaction between two KLT-Mobile.

 Delivery filled containers - pick up empty containers

Transfer to KLT-Mobil small for further transportation, in order to reach difficult to access final destinations.

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