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PT 600.1 Automatische Pipettieranlage D&T Engineering GmbH


We process 600 samples in 60 minutes!

With our automatic and safe sample transfer processing system ( e.g. COVID-19 tests ).


We provide you manual and automatic solutions for the preparation and transfer of patient samples in your laboratory.

It is currently used for a faster processing of COVID-19 tests.

Labortechnik und Laborzubehör D&T Engineering GmbH
Palettenabstapler D&T Engineering GmbH


Our pallet stacker automates your container handling in incoming goods. Towers made of KLT containers are separated quickly and safely.


System for the detection of the tightening straps used for transport safety on KLT container stacks.

Safe and accurate.

Automatische Banderkennung D&T Engineering GmbH